concrete industry


The concrete curing system
ProCure - Heat & Steam

ProCure meets all requirements in a quick, consistent and high-quality curing process. The heating and humidification system, according to the latest state-of-art technology ensures that each product receives the climate it needs for optimum product quality.
An integrated, highly effective air circulation system, made up of multiple circulation circuits, covers each product equally with the required amount of air. Using an intelligent process control system, temperature and humidity are precisely determined in the curing chamber. During the curing process these are constantly monitored and controlled for variances. They are then adapted as required by parameters set out by the control system. In addition an exhaust system limits the maximum moisture content within the chamber

  • Resistant concrete surfaces
  • More consistent and brighter colours
  • Lower primary and secondary efflorescence
  • Higher density concrete surfaces
  • The same curing climate 365 days a year
  • Lower production costs by reducing the cement content
  • High early strength
  • Energy efficiency >90%


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